Frequently asked questions

How do I contact Cosmic?

Please call us on 011 608 4712 or email kim@carrimar.co.za

Does Cosmic sell directly to the public?

No. We only sell to wholesalers around the world. However every year we do have a very special christmas sale where we sell directly to the public from our warehouse. Watch our site for dates and details.

If I have a product problem what do I do.

It is Cosmic's policy to make sure all problems are solved immediately. Don't hesitate to direct any issues to kim@carrimar.co.za and we will try and assist in any way we can.

Where do I submit my # moment photo?

Send all photos to kim@carrimar.co.za or robyn@carrimar.co.za and we will make sure it is posted. Please ensure you give us permission in your email to share your photo. Only shared photos qualify to participate in the competition.