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The Story of


In the last 26 years Cosmic Fashion Options trading as Carrimar, through its evolution, has become one of the strongest growing companies in the global wholesale accessory market and has most definitely the company renowned for revolutionizing the South African category.


The company has expanded from a mere 5 members at inception to a now total of over 250 staff nationwide.  This includes the acquisition of new buyers and designers who have added yet another edge to the company’s expertise.


The company’s ability now, not only to brings the trends from the streets of London, Milan, Paris, New York to  the South African consumer but also embraces the local talent and incorporates the unbelievable capacity of our young designers to assimilate global trends, with a flare of difference.


Thus creating what we believe to be one of South Africa’s most dynamic and creative, fast paced fashion accessory houses in the world.

We could promise a future of amazing, profitable success as a company, we could promise incredible forecasts and future sales…but Hey…then we wouldn’t be Cosmic. Then we would be focussing on tomorrow and yesterday, instead of ensuring that today is WOW…because simply put…without a WOW today, tomorrow will be very average.

From our cashflow, to our in store environments, to our procurement…WE HAVE ONLY THIS MOMENT TO CREATE WOW.

From inception Cosmic became known as the company that makes things happen. We don’t wait for tomorrow. We embrace change, We create and We are